art by eloi, Inc., the developer of, collects all the data you give us, from your user info, the stories you share, etc.

Since passwords are considered sensitive information, they are encrypted when stored or updated on our server so we don't even know what they are.

Stories you share become public data, accessible to anyone visiting whether they have an account or not.

Deleted, deactivated or flagged data is stored in backups of the application and may be deleted from the server at the discretion of art by eloi, Inc.

We collect this data for the following reasons:

  1. To make work correctly
  2. To track misuse of
  3. To give our users the best experience when visiting

We strive to protect this data following the current standard of data security. That said, art by eloi, Inc. is not liable for data that is hacked and/or stolen from our servers or from user web clients. It's a reality we all deal with on any web application you interact with.

In the event of a data breach on our servers, users will be notified via email as soon as possible.

You are cautioned to act responsibly and not share anything you may regret sharing later.

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Terms of Use is meant to be a feel good experience. We want stories that show the best of humanity through stories of accomplishment and altruism. Stories outside of this scope are not appropriate for this application and will be flagged by users or by art by eloi, Inc.

So, no porn, no meme about your exes, and no food pics (unless making the food was an epic achievement).

Flagged stories are quarantined and reviewed to determine if there has been abuse of our product,, or if the content is inappropriate. If abuse if found, art by eloi, Inc. reserves the right to delete the story and/or deactivate the offending users account.

Criminal activity will be reported to authorities and art by eloi, Inc. will cooperate fully with any resulting investigation. We're here to have a good time, so behave yourself.

art by eloi, Inc. reserves the right to remove or deactivate any data, and refuse service to anyone.

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