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Every day, people do amazing things. They go out of their way to help others, keep going despite incredible challenges, and achieve feats that seemed impossible. Let's celebrate these acts of kindness, courage, and strength.

Please share a story here, whether it's your own or about somebody else.

Let's celebrate acts of kindness, courage, and strength. Share a story with us, whether it's your own or about somebody else.

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telling the adults off 0 Votes

I use this speech to show underrep youth on what impact they can have.


People are awesome 1 Votes

This was put up in my lobby...


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The HEC Community

The definition of Selflessness and Inclusiveness 2 Votes

HEC is a christian retreat for the disabled. It started in 1956 and they're still going strong. The foundation of the community is about recognizing our brokenness, and that God is the center of our lives. I've been a part of the community since I was 16, and though I have some weird concepts about god, (some of which I learned there), I can attest that it is a community that is as accepting as it is loving. There are thousands of stories of charity and courage in this tiny group of people. It's been a constant source of inspiration to see people take care of each other throughout the years.

Chad Boseman

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Young Boy

The Starfish Story 4 Votes

An old man walked across the beach until he came across a young boy throwing something into the breaking waves. Upon closer inspection, the old man could see that the boy was tossing stranded starfish from the sandy beach, back into the ocean. “What are you doing, young man?” He asked. “If the starfish are still on the beach when the sun rises, they will die,” the boy answered. “That is ridiculous. There are thousands of miles of beach and millions of starfish. It doesn’t matter how many you throw in; you can’t make a difference.” “It matters to this one,” the boy said as he threw another starfish into the waves. “And it matters to this one.”


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Col Joe Shmoe

Biking a Colombian Urban Jungle 4 Votes

I used to ride through almost flat the streets of a mountain - but this I can't imagine doing...


I created GoodLyfe 7 Votes

I'll develop this story more later. But I created GoodLyfe to celebrate people and events that happen everyday. It's a counter balance to negativity that we are exposed to all the time. The act of looking for positivity in our everyday lives changes our perspective and gives us clarity on the many blessings we take for granted. I hope you enjoy the stories you find here and share some of your own.